If there’s any specific theme to KIRARA‘s music, it’s that it’s always got a great beat and tempo. moves is her latest album after her cts and rtcs releases. moves is a little different because it’s more straight forward than previous albums. She’s still using a lot of the elements that are her signature, but the tone of the album is more digestible for people unfamiliar with her work.

kirara moves

A lot of KIRARA’s songs sound like they could be part of an electro-punk movie or game soundtrack. “Revenge” would actually fit really well with the most recent Tron movie. “Blizzard” goes a bit in the opposite direction and is an upbeat almost dance friendly track. It has a lot of good hooks on the ends of each verse. But KIRARA is able to add a lot of variety into each song like “Featherdance” with Heureun and Jinsha. The song sounds like it’s on a jitter with most notes on off-beats and the samples almost seem placed randomly. But as you continue to listen to the song, the flow of each sample reveals itself.

That’s the biggest difference with KIRARA and other electronic artists. She is masterful in using each beat or breaking them up into what almost sounds like chaos. But in that chaos, each sample adds to the flow. It’s a mechanical presentation of differing sounds into a melody. If you follow KIRARA’s SoundCloud, some of these songs were demoed early on and really displays a progression of her style and form. On the first listen, you will probably not understand what’s going on. It’s required that you listen to every song because each one has a separate message. “Sleep Talk” with itta is the most interesting collaboration I’ve heard in the while. Being familiar with both artist’s styles, it’s an interesting layering of each tone.

KIRARA continues to evolve and improve with each release. While her style is overall the same, she is exploring new ideas and creating soundscapes that you won’t hear anything else. Inside Korean electronic music, you probably won’t hear anything similar to her style and that’s a great thing.

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