Over 2015, Rainbow99 released a monthly single corresponding to the month. I figured that there would be a collection of all the songs and now its arrived from MagicStrawberry Sound. Each song has its own theme and that gives Calendar the ability to flow without limitations. His electronic work is very melody heavy, favoring layers of different sounds that all push towards the climax of the song. Each song also is a representation of a different city.

rainbow 99 calendar

This approach gives listeners a way to hear the interpretation of Rainbow99’s representation of a city. That means the connection between songs is really only with the creation of the songs. The themes differ from more upbeat electronic, almost dance music to ambient electronic that flows without an attachment to the beat. Each song separately were impressive, but hearing how each song as a package work together is incredible. Rainbow99 has always been able to create some fantastic music, but the inspirations taken from each city have expanded on his previous songs.

“April, Namhansanseong, Pheasant Feather” is among my favorite tracks. It is whimsical as it moves through each verse, but the percussion track binds the different melodies together. The mixing on each song really makes the listening experience unique because each audio element has a noticeable place. You will start to notice all the little samples that appear along the main melodies. With Calendar, you get the 12 songs of the year and an additional song “Calendar.” “Calendar” is the perfect way to close out the set of songs. It actually has a more winter soundscape, but closes with a calming theme.

Rainbow99 is a talented musician. His 2015 monthly releases was an interesting way to release new music, but showed that artists can get influences from where they are. It does have a different theme to previous releases, but summarizes his perspective on 2015 in a great way.

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