2015 was a busy year for Korean Indie. It felt like there was a new release every week that deserved attention and showed how much Korean musicians were progressing. We had a ton of reviews and a lot of great interviews, I spoke at KCON 2015 (hungover) and Toronto KPop Con 2015 with Cindy of ATK Magazine, Shawn of Sounds of the Korean Underground, Annie of Love X Stereo, and Bernie from DFSB Collective. It was also a big transition year for the business side of the site.

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Anyway, I’ve been thinking a lot about the content that the site serves readers. The primary goal of Korean Indie will always to be to present music from South Korean musicians. It’s my hope that readers find an artist or band that interests them. Growing the appreciation of Korean music is one of the main reasons why I continue to run the site.

We touched on it a little before a couple years ago, but now I think 2016 is a good year to add a new feature to the site permanently: adding Korean musicians from all over the world.

This means Korean Indie will start posting content around Korean artists and bands who don’t live in South Korea. We’re not changing our primary goal, but allowing our readers to discover even more music going forward.

There’s another whole world of Korean musicians that we can help get more attention and it aligns with our primary goal. We’ve just expanded the borders. We’ll never stop talking about SK bands, but there’s nothing wrong with adding to our library.

If you’re a Korean band, please contact us at submit[@]koreanindie[dot]com!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the work that’s been done so far and that you continue reading this coming year.

– Chris

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