Tangerine‘s four song EP Sugar Teeth is perfectly named. It’s a mix of pop, rock, and elements of surf rock. The elements of surf rock are actually what stick out the most. “Tender” introduces the band really well. It presents all the essential elements of the band and adds one of the best choruses I’ve heard in a long time. While the EP is short, Tangerine will get into your head and stick there.

tangerine sugar teeth

I do enjoy the fact that the band has a base style that flow throughout every song, but there’s no repetition. “Sunset” reminds me of a mix between a faster do-wop on the vocals and kind of alt-country and rock with the instrumentals. But “Sunset” also captures an excellent indie pop melody that comes from the guitar. The tempos on Tangerine’s songs never drag and keep you engaged. It’s impressive that the trio was able to combine so many different styles, but not allow one to overpower another. It’s like every musical element has its place and has been crafted perfectly.

As always with short EPs, it ends far too soon. “Wild at Heart” is my favorite song. The vocals are, for the lack of a better description, fun. There’s no attempt at going overboard and doing more than necessary. Also all the varied rhythms in “Wild at Heart” are great. The drums don’t just follow the beat, but provide a lot of counterpoints to the guitar and bass along with accenting where necessary. I think “Wild at Heart” is one of the best indie pop songs I’ve ever heard. The three previous songs are fast and fun and Tangerine closes out with “Sugar Teeth.” It’s a slower electric guitar driven song for the most part. Sugar Teeth makes an impact quickly in the beginning and ending with the slower song makes me want to hear more of this style.

Based in Seattle, Washington, Tangerine have released singles and EPs prior to Sugar Teeth. But for any first time listener, there’s no better place to start than this EP. If you need new music immeadiately, then check out Behemoth, a seven song EP from 2014. I would really like to see what statement the band could make with a full length because these shorter releases really leave you wanting more.

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