I’ve heard the earlier singles from Room306, but was waiting for a longer release to really see what their music was like. at Doors is essentially two albums. The studio album contains seven songs showcasing their low-key electronic music. The second half of the album is all live tracks that give you a glimpse on what their live show is like.

room306 at doors

It’s not quite ambient electronic music, but Room306’s style is very calming. Each song is like a perfect soundtrack track. The vocal melody soars on top of each song to grab your attention very quickly. Songs are sung in English so it’s an easy cross over. Room306’s talent lies in creating a strong variety of songs even when using these slower melodies. Even as a project band from FIRST AID and Hong Hyo-jin, the quality of music is very high. “Enlighten Me” is an amazing song. The mixture of electronic and acoustic instruments is subtle and is more of a singer-songwriter song.

The live versions of the songs sound just as natural as the studio versions. Adding live drums and guitar change the tone of the songs slightly on “Belief” which uses a stronger percussion sample. The live songs actually sound like the more natural versions. It might be the natural arrangement of the songs which lend themselves a little more to having live musicians replacing some of the backing samples. Room306 are great with either version and match different moods.

It’s great that the album features both studio and live songs. You get one of the best mixes of sounds with at Doors. Though Room306 is a project, it would be great if more music continued to get released from this collaboration.

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