My introduction to Hippie Death Star was through Facebook. I received a message from Sunho Shin, a name I wasn’t familiar with. I was familiar with his old band, The Plastic Day. When I responded he told me that he lived in Australia and had a new band and sent me a link to the album.

hippie death star

Evolution, Ambition … Revolution for Unification is a mixture of styles. It has some post-rock and shoegaze elements. It also adds a lot of experimental and psychedelic tones. The six song full length is dense with a play time of 38 minutes. But even with songs that are eight minutes long, there’s not a moment of boredom. Hippie Death Star create compelling and enticing music that keeps your attention. “Unification” is 8:23 and has a slow introduction, but as each verse continues the song builds on itself. The band doesn’t have the need to fill in every beat, but lets lingering melodies and percussion complete each space.

Strangely enough, I’m reminded of Kuang Program a bit. The free flowing form of the songs is similar between the bands. I’m sure that while the studio versions of these songs were arranged for the release, a live show likely has extended verses and long sections where the band improvises. Fans of post-rock and shoegaze will really enjoy this album. “Warriors of Great Grey Squares” is a song that gives the drums a featured place. There is little lyrical content on Hippie Death Star’s songs, but that’s kind of the point. The band wants you to listen to the music.

I’m not sure what brought Sunho to Australia, but this band he’s in is creating incredible music. The genres that Hippie Death Star play are difficult to find, especially really great post-rock. Listen to Hippie Death Star. It’s going to blow your mind.

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