The last time I listened to Reflex was their 2014 release My All. Let’s Burn continues their melodic pop rock style in a full length form. Even though Reflex’s style isn’t anything new, it’s the energy that the band has in their recording that makes listening fun. The music is solid with engaging songs that cross between ballad-esque verses and pop punk choruses.

reflex let's burn

“까맣게” is a good introduction song to the band because it feature pretty much all the elements you’ll hear from other songs. When listening to Reflex, you’ll notice how full and deep the music sounds like. That’s one of the great things about Let’s Burn. It’s a style that most people will be familiar with, but Reflex have harnessed the arrangements to make addictive songs. Though if melodic pop rock isn’t your style, you may get burnt out.

“소년” is a slower emotional song that uses quieter verses before jumping into a big melodic rock chorus. The vocal are sung in half-time to the instrumentals and reminded me a lot of the pop rock ballad style songs of pop punk bands in the US during the late 1990s. I actually found Reflex better played in the background while doing something rather than listening to it directly. Their songs differ in how much attention is needed. Some songs don’t need your full attention, but then there are songs like “She’s Amazing” which is a strong single.

As one of the few melodic rock bands that I know, Reflex have possessed the genre well. They craft great songs and Let’s Burn is a perfect presentation for the band. It may not get your attention on the first listen, but there are plenty of standout songs.

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