The first thing that drew me to SunKyum was her voice. She’s described as folk, but I would consider her more of a singer-songwriter. Accompanied mainly by acoustic guitar, SunKyum presents simple and direct songs that create a bit of a melancholy tone. “I Don’t Know” sticks in your head. Even with the bass, drums, and strings that follow on subsequent verses, the main focus is always on the melody and the vocals.

sunkyum the beginning

I like how it never sounds like SunKyum is straining her vocals, but providing the perfect theme for each song. “Alright!” is even a bit more pop rock than folk. It reminds me a bit of RossyPP and some early Taru. With this style of music, the vocals are always the main attraction and SunKyum’s warm voice fills each verse well. The Beginning doesn’t sit in just one genre and moves around which makes listening to the album interesting. It doesn’t fall into repetition and continues to present different sides of her music.

She jumps again with “나에게 넌” with a funk and groove that’s supported through the instrumentals. Her voice even has a bit more energy to match the feeling of the song. The one thing that becomes apparent though is that the mix of the album feels uneven. With some songs, SunKyum’s voice sits above the instrumentals which is normally fine but in this case it sounds slightly artificial. It doesn’t happen a lot, but it’s really noticeable when it does happen.

The Beginning provides a lot of music with ten tracks. The variety of songs strengthens the album a lot showing how talented SunKyum is in her composition. Indie rock, folk, and indie pop fans will likely enjoy listening to The Beginning and SunKyum. As this is her first full length, she has a lot of potential as she creates more music.

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