Dean is an incredible artist. Whenever I listen to his music, I can never find something I dislike. The quality of his music is impeccable, just as 130 mood : TRBL is. A total of seven tracks make up the album, giving you almost a half-hour of R&B/Soul goodness. With strong beats meshed with Dean’s vocal prowess, as well as an incredible roster of featured artists, the album presents a variety of highlights.

dean 130 mood trbl

The album has a very smooth sound besides “21” which is very “90s-esque.” It is the most upbeat of the seven tracks. Having different sounding tracks in some albums may work with their themes but I really like that it doesn’t sound choppy in that of Dean’s. I mentioned that the album has a very smooth sound but the lyrics for the tracks are emotional and complex, telling various types of stories. Besides “21,” “What2Do” featuring Crush and Jeff Bernat is another one of my favourite tracks of the album. The three artists suit each other well. I find that their voices are similar but they also show off their own talents, as well.

In a nutshell, 130 mood: TRBL has it all: a talented artist, amazing artist features, flawless sounds… everything. Take a listen an discover it for yourself if you haven’t already. As I already said, Dean is absolutely incredible. I look forward to what he releases next.

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