As someone who has been listening to Love X Stereo for a while now, I’ve always been interested in hearing how the band is progressing. We Love We Leave Part 1 was very much a re-introduction to the band with the EP featuring reworked versions of their older singles. We Love We Leave Part 2 is another step forward with new songs and presenting an evolved sound. We Love We Leave Part 2 is essentially Love X Stereo coming forward and stating that “this is who we are now.”

love x stereo we love we leave part 2

The five song EP is definitely different. Instead of straight forward electro-pop songs, Love X Stereo is exploring bigger and more varied sounds. “Dead Beat Generation” is still electronic pop, but it has less of a rock core like older songs. The band’s songs were always dance-friendly, but “Dead Beat Generation” compels you to start moving with the beat. The great thing about We Love We Leave Part 2 is that it moved into a place that shows the band has matured. Toby and Annie can create great songs, but with the EP it sounds like they’ve become more comfortable. It’s not about starting the song and constantly pushing new melodies with each verse, but now each verse enjoys its place before it moves on.

“Beauties Die Young” is a the song that uses it the best. This song is my favorite off the EP. It has both an addictive melody and upbeat tempo that draws you in. Seeing the song live, I realized that the set of songs on We Love We Leave Part 2 are the new beginning for Love X Stereo. I enjoyed all of their older singles, but listening to We Love We Leave Part 2 shows the journey that the duo have taken.

There isn’t a lost song on We Love We Leave Part 2. It’s a very strong EP with only five songs. “Hide and Seek” was a great preview for We Love We Leave Part 2, but in my opinion it’s not the best song on the EP. I’m still waiting for Love X Stereo to reach of the ears of more international music listeners. The band is primed to blow up and this EP is the way its going to happen.

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