It’s been a couple years since Oh Hee Jung‘s last release Set Adrift. Out of nowhere it seems, she released Freckles. Going back to her older releases and then hearing Freckles, it’s a natural progression of her style so far. It still uses electronic as the base with melodies funneled with samples and Hee Jung’s voice providing the glue for each song.

oh hee jung freckles

Freckles does sound like she’s much more comfortable composing music. Song like “freckles” sound more natural and organic with multiple layers of samples all combining together. Hee Jung’s voice remains the highlight of every track. Her vocals are still warm and welcoming. I do like the variety of the songs. Even though its core is electronic, elements of chillwave, and pop, the songs explore different melodic ideas. “not enough” has one of the best arrangements on the EP with so many different instruments constructing the verses. At times, I thought individual samples would get buried, but each one helps the song to produce a great melody.

The tempos are relaxing and every song has the potential to draw you in. “billie” has what sounds like a sampled trumpet introduction that slides into the verse perfectly. The instrumental of “billie” could be one of my favorite instrumental tracks. Described as “Electronica sounding like a freckled girl walking under the warm sun” on Hee Jung’s Bandcamp page, this is a perfect description of the album. It does feel like taking a stroll for 26 minutes and taking in the environment.

As a surprise release, I’m happy that Hee Jung continued to make music. I think her perspective on electronic music is unique and she composes some great songs. It’s clear she knows what type of music she wants to create and with her third release, she’s really found her voice.

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