It’s been two years since Goldmund‘s last release. I had to go back and re-listen to Unplanned Works to see what differences there were with Alive Part One: Space Boys & Girls. At the core, there isn’t a big difference in sound or style. Goldmund are still making excellent electronic synthpop. The difference is that while Unplanned Works was a little more somber, Alive Part One sounds a bit more alive and energetic.

goldmund alive part one space boys and girls

The five songs and one bonus track sound like a new beginning. “Alive” is the perfect song for their reintroduction because it uses a lot of the same elements found in their first release while transitioning forward. It’s with “First Contact” that this improved Goldmund makes its appearance. The song is electronic pop perfection. The tempo is easy to follow and the melodies are amazing.

It’s very easy to get drawn into the song and with so much emphasis on melodies, there’s never a moment where you question the musical direction. Goldmund continue impressing on “One.” It sounds the most similar to songs off Unplanned Works, but there’s a larger polish that wasn’t heard as often.

It’s apparent that the time between releases wasn’t spent just sitting around. The six songs bring back the excitement of electro pop with the energy and arrangements. Goldmund’s vocals have always been a little low key to the instrumentals and that doesn’t really change, but there’s a different tone overall. It’s a bit more positive and carries a feeling of urgency to present great music.

I’m glad that Goldmund have returned with new music. Unplanned Works was a great album and I thought the band had stopped making music. Alive Part One: Space Boys & Girls prove that they were working improving all around. If this is part one, I can’t wait for part two.

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