When I got the chance to see Tangerine live in San Francisco back in March 2016, I really enjoyed the live show. The songs performed were addictive and it was easy to get drawn in. Sugar Teeth is an excellent EP showcasing the band, but I like going back through a band’s discography to see how they have progressed over time. Behemoth! was released in 2014 containing seven songs. Tangerine performed some of these songs at the live show.

tangerine behemoth

Starting with “You’ll Always Be Lonely,” Behemoth! gets to the point in presenting the style of Tangerine. Full of pop and indie rock, the biggest strength of Tangerine is how pitch perfect the melodies are in conjunction with the instrumentals. The recording of the song highlights Marika‘s vocals, but doesn’t overshadow the instrumentals. I really like how Miro‘s drumming isn’t a stock beat, but provides a lot of dynamics on each verse. In some aspects, Tangerine’s music comes across as simple indie pop rock, but if you take a closer listen, there’s a lot going on with Toby‘s guitar that adds even more dimension.

There are a lot of standout songs like “Tidal Wave” and “Tiny Islands,” but my favorite on the EP has to be “Nothing Better.” It’s a song that sticks in your head and has one of the best bass lines that I’ve heard in a while. I feel like the bass can be an instrument that’s uses simply to follow the melody, but with Tangerine the bass is allowed to make its presence known by adding extra rhythms. With more songs, Tangerine is able to present a wide spectrum of music. “I Fell Down” is a slower, almost 1950s rock ballad song. It combines elements from 1950s do-wop and pop music.

Coming in at a little over 26 minutes, Behemoth! is one of the best EPs I’ve heard in a long time. I’m sad that I missed it for so long because it’s kind of perfect from start to finish. You feel happy after listening to it, simply because the band is so melodically strong and talented.

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