As one of the early punk rock bands, No Brain have shown longevity with 20 years in Korean music. Over time, the band has grown and evolved their sound. Brainless is their newest release since 2011’s High Tension full length. No Brain has been a part of many compilations, 96 with Crying Nut, and their single “소주 한 잔,” since then but having the band come back with a full length shows that the band is still capable of making great rock music.

no brain brainless

After the intro song “Brainless,” the band gets right into it with “Big Phony Show” and doesn’t stop. 11 songs of rock burst into your ears and don’t stop. No Brain’s music has never been overly complicated, sticking to fast tempos, distorted guitars, and loud drums and that continues here. Brainless released with two main singles “My Leather Jacket” and “Living Paycheck To Paycheck.” These two songs are the core style of No Brain. Choruses are crowd friendly, the melodies play through the guitars, and the energy never stops from the first beat.

The album does add a different style with “Mommy, The World Is Scary (feat. JTONG).” JTONG provides the verses and Sungwoo sings on the chorus. It’s not really a rock mixed with rap song, but sounds like the two styles were mixed in a blender. The main facet of No Brain’s music is that it’s high energy. Once you start listening, you join a party that doesn’t stop. With the time between releases, the band doesn’t forget its past and continues to forge ahead with the style that has given them so many fans.

No Brain are a classic rock band. Influencing many other bands and continuing to present Korean music to international audiences, No Brain are still a band to watch and hear. For many people, Brainless will be the first introduction to No Brain, and it’s a great way to meet them. But go back further and you will hear a lot more music that you can enjoy.

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