Listening to Bloodberry, I first got the impression of 70s rock combined with garage rock. The EP starts with “히스테릭 플라워” which also comes across somewhat similar to how Eastern Sidekick sounds. That does change with the other songs on the four song release and the comparison isn’t meant to diminish what Bloodberry presents. I like the direct attack that the band applies to their music. It’s not overly complicated and the songs pull you in.

bloodberry the record of insomnia 불면의 기록

The vocals are another highlight. They come across with a great collective melody to the instrumentals. The bass guitar is a little difficult to hear in the songs, but the drums are easily heard and provide each song with a perfect attack. “청춘열람실” is my favorite song from 불면의 기록 (No.319675). It has a nice build up from the start and finds its flow very quickly. The song is minimalistic with the vocals guiding the song until about half way through when the rest of the band really comes in. “청춘열람실” is a great introduction and while it’s not the most common representation of the band’s sound, it’s the song that will attract.

“Mr. Marshall,” on the other hand, is the song that most people would enjoy the most. It has the best chorus among the songs, moving away from garage rock and presenting an excellent rock song. I think the biggest strength of Bloodberry with their music is that it’s not over indulgent. Even though the songs are simple, they get to the point and possess the energy that will get you dancing.

With two previous singles, which are included in the EP as EP versions, 불면의 기록 (No.319675) puts Bloodberry off to a great start. There’s not a lacking song and the closer “Rockstar” is similar to “청춘열람실” by using a stripped back sound and is the most melodic among the tracks. If 불면의 기록 (No.319675) is any indication, Bloodberry’s sound could get them a lot of notice on the international level, depending how they progress.

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