Having only followed the band on Facebook, I didn’t know much about Satellights until I bought their single on Bandcamp. Alpha is described as metal, electronicore, and post-hardcore. That’s a pretty spot on description considering how the band jumps genres many times within the same song. I do enjoy the insane amount of energy that the band pushes through and I’m impressed with the recording and mixing. Even with so much going on, there wasn’t a moment that I couldn’t hear an particular instrument.

Satellights Alpha

In terms of relative bands, it reminds me a little of Slipknot, A Day to Remember, and pop punk style vocals. The combination results in hyperactive-level tempos, heavily distorted verses, and the fusion of electronic samples injected inside both songs. Considering the two songs “Alpha” and “Clownsuits” produce a 7:44 minute listen, the band makes these songs feel much longer but there’s never a second of downtime. Even with the post-hardcore breakdowns, the songs move at an impressive speed.

If there’s one thing that sticks out, it’s the drumming. Jaehoon provides the backbone to both songs and his presence is very obvious, provided by the mixing. I really like the separate genres that Satellights combines together. From the videos that I’ve found online, it looks like the band has other songs and I’m curious to know how different or similar they might be to Alpha.

Honestly, Satellights is either going to grab your favor or you’re going to think it’s a bunch of noise. But given the chance, you’re going to find out that this group of musicians have a lot of talent and a lot of potential as they move forward.

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