Listening to RemainsDear Saint, it makes me think of a mixture of R&B and pop rock. With live performances featuring Lee Seung Hyun on keyboards, Ji Myung Ahn on drums, and Ray Kim providing vocals, the band has a very stripped back presence with a highly melodic presentation.

remains dear saint

The band describes themselves as modern pop rock, but the way Ray flows over verses, it sounds like a mixture of rap and pop. His voice is perfect for the instrumentals going from polyrhythms to holding notes for the chorus. Remains might use a standard four beat time signature, but the rhythms provided by the drums instantly provide an easy groove. Keyboards give the groundwork for the vocals. It’s easy to appreciate the strong melodies on every song.

“Dear Saint” has a Zion.T feel. Listening to Ray’s voice, he’s able to recreate the tones at will, but has a warmer voice. Listening through the release, I feel like Remains could either work forward towards more standard melodic rock or they could easily become a very strong R&B centered trio. With just keyboards, it does sound like there are additional accents that could be included with the use of guitar and bass to expand the songs.

The EP released in January 2016 between previously released singles. As an introduction, Dear Saint is great. It presents Remains in the best way. I do think the band is heading towards a stronger R&B tone than melodic pop rock, but that’s totally fine. Given the standard the trio has presented on Dear Saint, there’s nothing to worry about if they went fully towards that direction.

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