When listening to Salad Bowl‘s there’s a something wrong…, it starts with an instrumental track “Beneath Myself.” It’s a good indie rock track that sets the foundation of the album. Low key and focusing on guitar, keyboards, and drums; the song eases its way forward. But then with “Excuse,” the album already takes a switch. It still maintains an indie rock foundation, but adds vocals which change the tone from the first song.

salad bowl there's a something wrong

“Excuse” adds in a small amount of mellowness, it’s not as upbeat as “Beneath Myself” in pure melodies. “Rejected” follows the theme of “Excuse.” It contains the same mellow indie rock tone. With Salad Bowl, the band focuses a lot of guitar, drums, and keyboard. With the keyboard, the addition of synth adds a nostalgic feeling. The samples that play along with each verse add an interesting difference from the guitar and drums. Then following “Rejected,” “Bye Now” features female vocals and is a more straight forward indie rock song. It’s simple and direct compared to previous songs. there’s a something wrong… sounds like a collection of songs that lay their foundation with indie rock, but the pair make whatever music they’re feeling at the time.

The recording of there’s a something wrong… is barebones. Not in the quality of recording, but the way its presented on the album. The mixing of the album places each audio track on top of each other. There’s no real prominent audio other than the vocals which sit on top of everything else. The guitars and drums alternate with second place with additional instruments sitting below. “This Nice Day” is the biggest step away sounding a bit like Bye Bye Badman without the stress of synth. Salad Bowl have produced a great Spring/Summer album. It’s light and easy to get into.

there’s a something wrong… has a lot of ideas. The songs reflect each different thought from the band and the variety of tracks is reflected. Each song carries the same core, and Salad Bowl explores as they want. Don’t expect Salad Bowl’s album to change or be experimental. It’s a solid album that accomplishes the basic with ease.

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