In 2014, Julia Dream released their single Lay It Down On Me. The single was essentially one song broken into four parts. It was one of the best releases of 2014 showcasing the band’s psychedelic rock. With their 2016 release, 불안의 세계, Julia Dream releases a two album set of eight songs each. Broken apart, each are an album by itself but combined result in one of the best operatic releases this year.

julia dream 불안의 세계

Every time I’ve listened to Lay It Down On Me, I continue to be impressed with how the trio composed and somehow contained the song. On the two parts of 불안의 세계, Julia Dream blow Lay It Down On Me away with some of the most impressive music I’ve ever heard. The total play time for 불안의 세계 comes in at one hour and thirteen minutes. Songs range from a minute and a half to nine minutes. But there isn’t a moment wasted in any song. Julia Dream create the best audio soundscapes possible and even though they are only a trio, the use of synth, guitar, bass, and drums present complex rhythms and melodies that draw you in.

The thing with 불안의 세계 is that you can’t listen to it out of order. There’s a specific progression over the sixteen tracks that must be heard in that order. The instrumentals are dense, requiring an active ear or you will miss something important. While the band focuses on psychedelic rock, you could say that Julia Dream even touch shoegaze. The band never leaves their preferred genre, but they are able to explore the landscapes they set up and make a statement with each verse.

Julia Dream are an outlier within South Korea. They might play a genre that has contemporaries like Lowdown 30, but Julia Dream are forging a path that not a lot of other bands have journeyed before. Listen to 불안의 세계 because it’s going to be a classic.

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