Interlude is the perfect name for Crush‘s newest EP, as it is a bridge between his first full-length album Crush On You and his upcoming unnamed sophomore album (which I heard is to be released sometime this fall). This album has a total of five tracks however; it really shows off how much the artist has grown. His music has really come a long way and Interlude displays a variety of genres like R&B, soul, trap, hip-hop, and electronic.

crush interlude

I really enjoyed listening to “Castaway” which features MISO. It is a very edgy and sophisticated track (as are all the other tracks mind you) but I really like the vibe that “Castaway” displayed when first listening to it, even though it is only MISO’s vocals that you hear throughout the song.

The title track of the album is “우아해 (woo ah)” which has a very different feeling from “Castaway.” This song has a very R&B style to it, showing off Crush’s singing of great finesse. Crush is one artist who I can pick out instantaneously because his voice is so unique; I absolutely adore it.

Another great track in this album is “9 to 5” which features Dynamic Duo‘s Gaeko. I love when labelmates work together! Amoeba Culture is a great company and I love all their artists. It makes me really proud to see how well two people of the same company can feature in a song. The song sounds incredible, as do both artists!

Crush has been featured in many other artists’ albums so it is his turn to shine and display his own sound and talent. I am super excited to share with you about Interlude, and can’t wait until his next album is released.

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