On the heels of Full Garage‘s release of their 7 inch EP Vinyl Suit, the band will be embarking on an United States West Coast Tour. Starting July 7, Full Garage will be making 12 stops in California, Oregon, Washington, and Nevada.

It’s not often to see a Korean band do a normal tour in the US, with most bands focusing on festivals. But with Full Garage’s Tumbleweed Tour, they’re doing it the old way by hitting numerous cities along the West Coast.

full garage tumbleweed tour 2016

July 7 Santa Barbara, CA – Dashain Haus
July 8 Berkeley, CA – 924 Gilman Street
July 9 Sonora, CA – The Gipsy Shack
July 12 Corvallis, OR – The Interzone Cafe
July 13 Longview, WA – Union Square
July 14 Tacoma, WA – The Valley
July 15 Seattle, WA – The Kraken Bar & Lounge
July 16 Portland, OR – Foggy Notion
July 17 Bend, OR – The Black Spot
July 19 Reno, VA – Jub Jub’s Thirst Parlor
July 21 Las Vegas, NV – The Double Down Saloon
July 22 Los Angeles, CA – The Redwood Bar

If you are close to any of these cities, it’s a great chance to see Korean punk rock undiluted. For more information, check out World Domination, Inc and Full Garage.

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