Back in 2014 when I was visiting Seoul, I watched a punk show at the now closed Club Spot. There I was able to meet Keunyoung, formerly of GUMX, who was playing in a new punk band called Full Garage. He gave me a self released demo album of the band and asked me to give it a listen. A couple of years later, Full Garage have recorded a seven inch featuring most of the songs from the demo. The seven inch will be released by World Domination, Inc with a digital download.

full garage vinyl suit

Full Garage are the purest form of punk rock. The songs thrive on the fast tempos, short song times, and a lot of energy. Vinyl Suit has eight songs and barely passes 11 and a half minutes. That’s not a negative in any way, Full Garage’s songs take the best elements of old school punk. There aren’t any embellishments or added effects on the songs and the three members simply show their talent.

It’s impressive how well the band presents songs that don’t even reach a minute long. They still capture your attention and show how punk rock is a thriving genre in South Korea. Songs like “96” remind me of the 90s when I listened to a lot of punk rock in the United States. “Nordic Princess” is a melodic punk song that uses a slightly slower tempo, but contains one of the best melodies on any song from the EP. I’m glad that Full Garage’s songs are able to be fully realized with better recording and mixing. Vinyl Suit captures an honest sound that accurately presents Full Garage.

I love punk rock from South Korea. It’s a genre that thrives and has a ton of great bands. Full Garage might be relatively “new” in terms of how long they’ve been around, but the experience of the members shows through every song.


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