Looking back on Savina & Drones last release, Gayo, the album was released in 2011. I found Gayo to be an incredible album, but kind of considered it a one-off album since there wasn’t a lot of information online. The return album, Our Time Lies Within, is different from the darker sound of Gayo. It has a brighter tone, mainly provided by the vocals.

savina and drones our time lies within

Even with the switch in tone, Savina & Drones still present an amazing album. Our Time Lies Within is a mixture of styles. “We Are” is sounds like an indie ballad during the verses. The vocals cross between Korean and English without a problem and the accompanying instrumentals transform the song into a short shoegaze breakdown at the end. Then “La Fee Verte” starts out sounding like 10cm‘s coffee shop sound. The verses have a similar tone to 10cm, but the vocals differentiate between the two artists quickly. Savina & Drones use both English and Korean lyrics and some songs sound like they could easily be released from another country.

I do like that Savina & Drones don’t completely dismiss Gayo and return to it on “Falling.” It’s darker tone gives Our Times Lies Within a good variety. It also shows the talent in the composition. I’ve listened to the album through a couple of times and if you don’t give your full attention, you might think that it’s a different artist. “고양이로트 (Catrot)” is a great example of this. The way the vocals change depending on the instrumentals is impressive because they align with the particular style perfectly. The way the songs are ordered also requires that you listen to the whole album or you will miss some great songs. “There Are” is my favorite song and it’s the eighth song. Even though there are 11 songs, the album feels much bigger.

The five years between albums are a mystery, but Our Time Lies Within makes me exited about Savina & Drones again. I wish that there was more music available. Regardless, Our Time Lies Within shows how talented Savina & Drones is and hopefully there won’t be another five years for a new release.

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