In the Korean electronic music genre, there are a few artists that I listen to consistently. One of those is KIRARA. Inside the genre, her style is different from others. Rather than overlapping melodic samples that you might get from Flash Flood Darlings, Saebyeok, or ASEUL, KIRARA lives in the world of beats, tones, and tempo. She went on a tour in Europe and recorded her show at Nuits Sonores 2016 in Lyon, France. If you’ve never had a chance to hear the comparison of her official releases to live performance, this is an album you have to hear.

kirara moves live

The 15 track set blends seamlessly together into one long party for one hour and fifteen minutes. It’s difficult to say the performance is full of “classic” KIRARA songs, but a lot of her best songs are included. What’s even better is the recording captures the music perfectly along with the responses from the crowd. It’s really great to hear how much the crowd enjoyed her music. She goes through five songs like “SWORDS DANCE” and “THUNDERBOLT” before taking a quick break on “intermezzo rainbow.” From the audio, you can tell the crowd is ready to get back into the music.

With the diverse set of songs, all sides of KIRARA’s music can be heard. Taking different songs from her library and arranging them for the live set shows the growth in her music, even though most people will be hearing some of the songs for the first time. As a live album, it’s probably one of the best that’s been released.

KIRARA is a highly talented musician who always seems to be working on new music. moves Live proves that her music can reach audiences around the world. If you only have one release from KIRARA, this album is the one to get. Or get them all because they’re all great.

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