I don’t know much about Ankle Attack before I came across The Silent Syllable. The 2015 EP is really the only source of real information that I know. What is evident is that the band’s EP does a great job introducing themselves entirely through music.

ankle attack the silent syllable

The introduction on “Anthem” is a precursor to the bigger sound that comes next. With a focus on piano and background music, the song has a quiet intensity that creates a build up that you wait for. Even though “Anthem” doesn’t reach a big crescendo, the melody contains a haunting tone. At seven minutes you think something big will happen, but it’s all in preparation for the next song “5423.” “5423” begins with a repeating guitar verse with drums building with each beat. It’s on this song that Ankle Attack really show off. The band can be classified as a post-rock band in the same category as Modsdive, No Respect For Beauty, and Apollo 18. The guitar and bass form the structure and the drums fill in the details. On the song, the drums sit above the guitar and bass making the track sound a little uneven, but that doesn’t last throughout the entire song.

Post-rock is a difficult genre because the attractiveness and interest in the music is solely dependent on how the band presents the melodic design. The Silent Syllable’s longest song is “Silhouette.” At almost 13 minutes, this is the main attraction. The length of “Silhouette” allows Ankle Attack to create an entire story. With the genre, a lot of time it’s the moments between beats and melodies that are most important and Ankle Attack create a beautiful presentation. The breakdown two-thirds of the way in is amazing. The instruments gel perfectly and an inclusion of a choral vocal accompaniment adds a great counter to the guitar. From that point, the song shows even more exploration until the conclusion.

I wish there was more information about Ankle Attack. Other than the Twitter account, I couldn’t find more information. With these few songs, Ankle Attack have made a big first impression. Now it’s just waiting to see if there’s more music coming.

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