Urban Zakapa is my absolute favourite co-ed trio. They have incredible vocals and I am always excited whenever they have new releases. Still was released back in May and is comprised of five beautiful tracks! If any of our readers are unfamilar with Urban Zakapa, they became a three member co-ed trio back in 2012. Its members are Park Yong-in, Jo Hyunah, and Kwon Soon-il.

urban zakapa

If I had the time, I could talk to you all about Urban Zakapa all day and night but alas, we all have other things to do… so I will briefly explain some of the tracks to you! The shortest song on the album is called “다 좋아 (Everything is Good).” It is the most upbeat song of the album, and even though I love all the tracks, it is one of my two favourites on this album.  It is a really groovy, pop sounding sound that definitely brightens the theme of the album as most of the other songs are slower ballads.

My second favourite track on the album is called “Nearness to Love.” What I really, really adore about Urban Zakapa is that they can easily transition between Korean and English and have several tracks in both languages. This song is sung completely in English. Personally, no one can pull off the harmonization that the trio can do, and the versatility of their voices send shivers down by spine. I have nothing but good words to say about this group!

Truly, Urban Zakapa is a group that shines. I am always expectantly awaiting their next release and if my iTunes was a person, it would tell me that I should stop playing their music and move on to another because I really do listen to them quite often! I am very pleased with Still and I will continuously play it the next release!

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