I first found The Fake Place on Bandcamp through The place you’ve never reached which released in March 2015. Then in June, he released a self-titled full length. Since I didn’t listen to a lot of his SoundCloud uploads, hearing the album was like going back and hearing him for the first time.

the fake place

In general, The Fake Place is still a mixture of styles. It’s core is electronic music taking parts of ambient, dream pop, downtempo, and trip-hop. But it also involves rock and shoegaze elements that give songs a non-standard electronic theme. Past the introduction song, “Hallucination” starts the album. It uses a dream-pop mixed with shoegaze instrumental with light vocals that blend heavily with the music. It’s an interesting song because it sways with the tempo, but doesn’t really have a standard structure. The next two songs “Perfect Days” and “Forgotten Song” feature Fat Cat. Her vocals fit the instrumentation perfectly. Her vocals are warm and flow effortlessly on each song. More impressive is that with both songs playing back to back, they have individual styles which don’t overlap showcasing The Fake Place’s ability to craft songs and Fat Cat’s variety in vocals.

Throughout the rest of The Fake Place, you get instrumental tracks like “Apocalypse.” The arrangements of songs is impressive because of the many layers of samples that compile the songs, but don’t cause any bloat. Each piece has a purpose even if it’s a small note that rarely is heard. After the featuring songs, “Nights Alone” has to be my favorite song. It reminds me a lot of walking around Seoul at night seeing all the people and lights. “Nights Alone” is a soundtrack song that could be applied in many different cases.

The ten songs on The Fake Place prove he’s an excellent composer and has found his individual sound. Among electronic artists, he sticks out with great melodies and rhythms in his songs. There are a lot of electronic artists to listen to, but if you’re getting started, The Fake Place is a great starting point.

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