This past weekend, I was a panelist at KCON LA 2016 for an Uncovering Korean Indie Music panel. My first experience with KCON was 2015 on another Korean indie panel. While the panel itself was interesting, I have found the Q&A section a lot more fun. Getting questions from the audience is always enjoyable because people are usually genuinely curious.

Irrelevant Photo. I just want to be back in Hawaii.

Irrelevant Photo. I just want to be back in Hawaii.

Regardless, because of the questions that were asked at KCON, I think having a place where visitors can ask questions and get answers will be helpful in spreading more information about South Korea’s independent scene. Basically, readers are able to ask anything and I’ll either answer or find someone who can answer the question.

Depending on how many questions are asked, it might be a weekly or bi-weekly feature.

How to ask questions:

1. Email with subject: Answered By Korean Indie
2. Twitter: use #koreanindiequestions hashtag and mention @koreanindie so I can see the question
3. Facebook: Send a message though Facebook

I guess we’ll see how it goes.

– Chris

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