It’s funny how many bands I know of, but never get a chance to watch when I’m in Seoul. My trips usually only cover two weekends which make it difficult to see tons of bands. I was able to watch Sons of Tiger at the now closed Ruial Rock when they performed with 57. The trio play a combination of blues and rock and roll. On any song, the genre mixing is easily heard. Their self titled EP released in September 2015, but wasn’t available outside of South Korea until the band released it on Bandcamp.

sons of tiger

The five songs present Sons of Tiger in a perfect light. Containing the best elements of their style, starting with “Money Money Money,” you instantly understand the tone and themes that they’re going for. “Money Money Money” is reminds me of 1950s rock and roll where it was very influenced by blues. Surprisingly the recording captures the same energy that I saw live. The EP doesn’t sound over-polished and allows the carefree energy to pour through. The band doesn’t stick to one particular tone thankfully. Changing on “The Eye of Desire,” it’s a more contemporary blues rock and roll song. It has attitude and snark, making it an additive track.

Even thought the EP is only a little over 18 minutes, it feels much longer. This is possible by the way Sons of Tiger arranged their songs. “I’m sitting of the top of the world” is a great blues track reminding me of Lowdown 30. The slow tempo and simplistic instrumentals focus on the vocals. The vocals draw you into the song and the secondary voice from the guitar provides a lot of emotion. Rounding out the EP, “My Town Girl” and “Fascinated by cloud,” jump back to the more frenetic energy of the beginning. This EP shows that Sons of Tiger are capable of maneuvering the genre without a problem.

I’m sure that the band has more than the five songs recorded. But whether the band will record another EP or full length is unknown. They definitely have the energy and a crowd pleasing performance live. It wouldn’t be surprising for them to gather a good following internationally, if they could release more music.

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