Coming across Drive Shower, I originally thought their name was Summer Vacation. Then after seeing the music video for “Summer Vacation,” I realized I had the band’s name wrong for about a month. Their three song single Summer Vacation is perfectly named. It’s a summer release and the single “Summer Vacation” is pop punk that is fun to hear. In some ways, I’m reminded of Afro Maria and Startline with the upbeat and energetic pop punk the band performs.

drive shower summer vacation

As the opener, “Summer Vacation” is excellent. The vocals Ho capture a youthfulness that I’ve haven’t heard in a while. The song is long by punk standards at over 3:30, but it’ll get your head banging quickly. Drive Shower don’t stick presenting the same style again and play “Rock’N Roll Camp” which actually reminds me a bit of Lagwagon and No Use For A Name. They don’t follow the style perfectly, but I feel and hear a kinship to those two bands more non-serious songs.

Closing Summer Vacation is “Summer Is Over.” It completes the arc of the single. “Summer Is Over” is a slower melodic punk song. The tones of the song are melancholy and the instrumentals help portray the sadness of the end of summer. Even though I like “Summer Vacation” a lot, I think “Summer Is Over” is the better song. Presenting a style that’s in the same genre, but not only recording three similar songs shows that Drive Shower love all aspects of pop punk rock.

The history of releases by Drive Shower is interesting. Starting in 2005, the band has released other singles in 2008 and 2014 with Summer Vacation being their latest. I feel that the band has an amazing pop punk album waiting to be released if a label could help them record and release it. I hope that Drive Shower don’t simply release this single and then disappear again for another bunch of years.


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