The last time I heard Shuttle Loop was their 2010 release Time Is Not. When the band put The Anchor on Bandcamp, I had to look back into my digital library to find out why they sounded so familiar. It’s interesting because the my version of Time Is Not contains “Rise Up” and “I’m Pretty Sure Every Fade Out Means Happy Ending” which are the tracks on The Anchor. The difference is that the audio quality of the songs is much better on the 2015 album.

shuttle loop the anchor

I’m a fan of Shuttle Loop’s website, which explains the history of the band and how The Anchor happened with each member going in a different direction. Shuttle Loop describes themselves as rock, emo, pop, post-hardcore, and punk. While I wouldn’t consider them post-hardcore, the band does combine pop punk and emo together really well. Honestly, Shuttle Loop don’t sound like a band you’d find in South Korea. The songs are sung in English, already giving a different tone to each of the songs.

Even with the album being released this year, it sounds nostalgic. The band says “Their first musical influence was from pop punk and emo bands such as The Starting Line, Yellowcard, Jimmy Eat World, and Finch.” If you’re familiar with these bands, you can hear elements of them on each song. I do think the strongest parts come from The Startling Line and Jimmy Eat World. Though the intro on “Stella” is almost a perfect style copy of Finch. It’s surprising with the time between each album and the experiences of the members, coming back together they still produce this genre of music. As people get older, they move onto different genres, but The Anchor is keeping it alive.

Shuttle Loop have explained their history and reasoning for The Anchor. These eight songs are great and the album’s voice does show that it’s the result of a ton of work and time. “This is a Winter Song” is my favorite and I think it actually reminds me a lot of Yellowcard. Considering the influences, Shuttle Loop grabbed the best parts of each band and combined them into a polished and enjoyable sound. Even though The Anchor released in August 2015, the music is timeless.

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