While Fling released their last EP in 2015, the band did put out singles leading up to their newest EP jolly. While retaining their signature sound, jolly. sounds a bit more mature. Songs do still feature vocals that sit below the instrumentals and have some effects added, but if you enjoyed Alive Young then jolly. is going to be enjoyable.

fling jolly

“Edgar Poe” sounds like something directly from Alive Young, but throughout the six songs, there is a move towards different styles. “Every Hour” is more laid back. It’s a song that captures a sunset mood. The slow tempo moves along without worrying about the length of the song and melodies combine perfectly. “Here She Come Shine” makes me think of “Strawberries,” which is the song that got me interested in Fling in the beginning. Fling’s music carries this feeling of innocence and longing that makes just about every song addictive. I’m not sure how long they spend working on their songs, but they have definitely found a compelling style that helps them stick out.

I do think that Fling will have to branch out a bit with their music. Even though they have a unique style, I can feel that it could get repetitive over time. With the two EPs and singles, their next release needs to move the band forward and display something new. Fling don’t have to abandon their signature style, but they do need to add or transform it to keep things fresh.

jolly. is an excellent EP. It hits just like Alive Young did a year ago. The band found the perfect signature and I think jolly. is an EP that can be listened to without an issue. The only problem will be if their next release follows the same trend.

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