The March KingsVivid Night released in November 2014. Their follow up, Spring Will Come, came in June of 2016. While the time between albums is a bit long, it actually doesn’t feel like it has been that long. Spring Will Come picks up where Vivid Night left off. Also The March Kings signed with Electric Muse for Spring Will Come.


What I like about The March Kings is that while classified as an indie rock band, they are also able to include a little variety in their music. With the first track “Dizziness,” the band spend almost eight and a half minutes introducing themselves. They even go as far to include a slightly shoegaze section in the middle. You might think this is will continue throughout the rest of Spring Will Come, but no other track comes close to length. Having “Dizziness” could mislead people in The March Kings actual style, but that quickly changes with “Midnight Moon.” It build on the same core of the first track, but shows off an even stronger presence. This is partially because of the shorter song length, but also allows the band to focus on each verse.

The March Kings are a little different from other bands because they’ve released two full lengths back to back. Many other bands will release EPs before recording their full length album. Vivid Night had 12 songs and Spring Will Come has ten, but there never feels like there’s an unnecessary track. Spring Will Come flows from start to finish and prides itself on excellent melodies. In slight ways, The March Kings and Fling subscribe to a similar vein of indie rock. I think that The March Kings are performing a more recognizable style of indie rock that people can easily get attached to.

I’ve mentioned it before, but The March Kings live in Daegu. It’s two hours by train from Seoul. There’s amazing music happening all over South Korea and I hope that more bands from other cities release their music for people to find. Give The March Kings a try, you’ll likely get sucked into Spring Will Come from the the first song.

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