A few months ago, I received a message though the Korean Indie Facebook from a member of Salgat. I listened to the EP and planned on reviewing it, but it got lost among the huge amount of music I was listening to at the time. What I enjoyed about Salgat was that it was different from all the other music I was listening to at the time. Their self described style is crossover rock featuring a band along with piano and cello. I’m not too familiar with this combination other than possibly Loro’s. If I had to place the band in type of genre, it would be a mixture of ballad, rock, and instrumentals.


Starting with “면역”, Immune introduces itself with an instrumental track. It begins by focusing on piano before adding the cello. From this song, it sounds like contemporary classical music. “면역” does grab your attention because of the excellent piano composition. It’s the band version of “위로” that really starts the EP. It begins like a ballad using piano to lay the foundation before the vocals add themselves. The cello is an important counterpoint because there isn’t a guitar. “위로” is melancholy. Each verse builds a new level in the song. About two thirds of the way in, the drums come in and the song opens up a little more. The expected crescendo doesn’t happen with the verses alternating before the song ends.

With Salgat’s music and its members, the band is able to jump genres pretty easily. “해운대” reminds me so much of Mot. It comes across heavily melodic and creates a trance with its arrangement. I think the glue for the song is the cello. The vocals guide the song, but the vocals occasionally reach that eAeon level. Through the five songs, Salgat present themselves strongly as a crossover rock band. They’re grabbing elements from different genres and combining them into a unique sound. “악마들” was the original song I was introduced to and it ends the EP. It was presented as a post rock song using piano and cello and is that exactly. Like other songs, it utilizes the elements of the genre to produce a slightly modified sound.

Salgat are an interesting group. They mix genres really well and can jump around easily. I’m sure actual composition is difficult, but the results are really strong. I’m not sure how long they’ve been around, but I’m hopeful that they release more music. The band could release a full length that would grab the attention of a lot of listeners if they follow the same structure as Immune.


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