Let’s get the obvious out of the way, the vocalist of Five Run Strike Rami was part of Kpop group D-Unit. What I’m not sure of is if this band featuring Rami and Crow (who I never heard of) is going to be a project or new band. What I can say is that Five Run Strike released a solid three song single. While Can You Hear Me is a bit “by the numbers” with production value, the songs are good and highlight both vocals and the musical talents of everyone involved.


“Alice” is a strong start with an alternative rock foundation that caters to Rami’s vocals. I do like the verses more than the chorus which comes across more pop than rock. The bridge, though, is really strong by allowing the guitar to take a step forward. Overall, “Alice” serves to show how the members gel each of their talents together. I do wonder the style of rock that Crow played before joining this project. Rami successfully moves away from pop, but her voice is distinct and if you hear D-Unit, you can still hear similar vocal lines. Their single, “Round & Round,” follows a similar vein as “Alice” but goes a more pop rock route.

I think using this song as the single was smart. It features Rami’s vocals in a familiar way while also allowing her to sing a wider spectrum. If you never knew she was part of the idol industry, her voice would still stick out. It’s slightly high, but fits as a contrast to the music. I also like how the song doesn’t stick to featuring her vocals, but allows every instrument to speak. “Round & Round” isn’t a complex song and is very radio friendly, but for people looking for fun music, Five Run Strike fit perfectly. Completing the single, “Sun Will Shine” goes for a more pop rock style. It bookends the single by slowing the tempo and allowing people to appreciate the melodies. I think I would like to hear more songs like “Sun Will Shine” to see where the band goes.

Regardless if Five Run Strike is only a single project, the collaboration was a success in my opinion. Idols from pop debut and disappear rather quickly and a lot of them have great voices that are stuck within very limited boundaries. The songs on Can You Hear Me may follow a recognizable trend, but they resulted in an impressive release.

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