I prefer not to write about singles because thoughts are based off a limited number of songs. ADOY released their second single “Don’t Stop” and I never talked about their first “Laika” so I’m combining them both together. ADOY is a new group featuring some well known members of Korean music. Featuring Zee from From The Airport, Juhwan of disbanded Eastern Sidekick, Zozo from Watersports, and Dayoung from Trampauline, this group of musicians are combining their talents to create what they describe as “commercial indie.” It’s a pretty accurate description for their music as you could easily imagine hearing it on commercials or on a drama.


What sticks out is that it simultaneously sounds and doesn’t sound like music that each member plays. I’m not familiar with Watersports, but know of the other bands pretty well. “Laika” was a surprising song because the melody brings in some lighter From The Airport elements that’s slightly displaced by Juhwan’s vocals. If you heard his voice in Eastern Sidekick or small o, you know that he’s capable of going with both a melodic or rough presentation. On ADOY, his voice is slightly downplayed while still being the core direction for songs. The melodies for “Laika” are definitely held together through the electronic arrangements. The slow tempo gives the track a slightly “grey” atmosphere, but remains compelling. It’s easy for the song to get stuck in your head. I believe that Dayoung provides some supporting vocals on the song as well.

Then when ADOY put out “Don’t Stop,” I realized that the band is really grabbing the talents of each member. “Don’t Stop” is a perfect companion to “Laika” featuring a brighter chorus and overall tone. Juhwan’s vocals never overpower the melody and this sounds more like a band that uses synth to accent the song rather than create its entire foundation on. Dayoung provides more backing vocals around Juhwan’s main and I would like to hear her sing as the primary on a song. “Don’t Stop” is also compelling because it’s sung in English and actually doesn’t really sound like anything I’ve heard from Korean artists. It definitely has an international feel and pulse to it.

ADOY have made their presence known pretty quickly with these two tracks. Even if I didn’t know the members, I would still find the music really compelling. Also since I’m familiar with the members, I know that they can create amazing music. There’s a big step between these two singles and if the upward trend continues, ADOY could be something to attract fans all over the world.

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