You may have seen some of the posts on Korean Indie’s social media about the “current” state of Korean music journalism. If not, don’t worry because it would probably depress you.

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Currently Korean Indie is understaffed. We need more writers with unique voices who are actually interested in the independent music scene within South Korea. We are here to promote and help the discovery of the many bands that exist within the small country and help them get noticed by international audiences.

If you want to see Korean artists tour outside of South Korea, then they need to get the support of fans all over the world. The only way to do this is to get more people involved. And buy their music.

Contributing to Korean Indie is simple, there are a few rules.

1. All contributor positions are volunteer only.
2. You are required to write one post a week.
3. All posts will be approved before writing.

I’ll explain the list of rules.

Positions are volunteer only. You’re writing because you genuinely want to tell people about the bands you like. You’re not trying to get famous (because you won’t). If you’re looking to create a portfolio of published content, you better be good at writing objectively and have a distinct point of view.

The one post a week requirement is there because it creates a steady stream of content. Also I know people have lives. I’m lenient about scheduling, if you’re in school or busy with a job, all it takes is an email letting me know. Also, a lot of people work better with a schedule. But if you disappear without communication, you will be dismissed and your content deleted. It’s very simple.

All posts must be approved because with a staff, it’s to make sure people aren’t creating duplicate content. Actual topics are open. The core of the site is reviewing music, but there is plenty of space for editorials, interviewing bands, or creating a series that interests you. The only true requirement is that it relates to music.

What do you get out of writing for the site?

Free music, possible press passes for live shows (it happens), interviewing bands (it happens a lot), and contributing to the growth of Korean independent music internationally.

To submit, send an email with a 200-250 word review or editorial (in the email body, no attachments) to submit[@] Subject line should say “Writer submission.”

Possible writers will be contacted with further information. Do not email asking if your submission has been read.

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