Once again, YouTube introduced me to another band. Hollins are a “danceable melodic rock” band and their 2014 EP Something does a great job presenting it. Starting with “Something,” Hollins immediately show off their melodic rock strengths. The danceable part definitely comes through this first song as well. The intro song is a bit light, going towards an almost indie pop rock feel, but it does get in your head.


The band ramps up the tempo on “Blackout.” This is the song I would definitely classify as danceable melodic rock. The vocals are one of the things that sticks out a lot. They have a great range and help pull all the instruments together. The band is definitely talented with each member helping to add their voices while creating a tight melody. There’s a keyboard line that sits in the middle of the music that helps bind the guitars and the drums. I also like that the song doesn’t simply move from verse to verse, but the band uses stops and off beat rhythms.

From “Blackout,” Hollins return to a “Something” style on “No Matter.” The band seems to prefer these two distinct voices. “No Matter” has a bit more variety going towards more melodic indie rock and benefits from the dual guitars. I think the vocals add a lot of flair to the music. While higher octaves seem to be preferred, the vocals still fit the instrumentals really well. “You Blossom” is sung in English and sounds like an indie pop song. I’m almost reminded of a mix of ballad style vocals with a pop rock backing. The keyboards again add a distinct voice that helps differentiate the music from other bands. Considering this is from 2014, I’m glad the keyboards are adding unnecessary melodies and help build on the song.

Completing Something is “There” and “Moment” which leave the “danceable” to explore other styles. Something presents a mix of styles with their strongest songs coming in the beginning of the EP. That’s not to say the EP is uneven, but shows that Hollins are not stuck to one genre. It’s been two years since Something and I’m sure Hollins have other songs they’ve yet to record. I’m curious to hear what songs they have now and hopefully they can record these.

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