One genre that doesn’t have a lot bands is old school rock. While there are bands like Streetguns that play rockabilly, following closely to a distinct style is uncommon. The Greatballs focus solely on 1950s rock and roll. The only counterpart I know of would be The Barberettes. The Great Rock’n’Roll of The Greatballs is a pure presentation of the style of that era.


The five songs on the EP pretty much take a snapshot of early rock and roll and add Korean vocals and lyrics. The music is immediately familiar though the rhythms and grooves. I like how there is a mix of both English and Korean in the songs. “Suki I love you” has call outs in English with the majority of the vocals sung in Korean. It’s a great song to start the EP because of the energy that The Greatballs give. I do think that “Boogie woogie boy” is a stronger song with the keyboards and female vocals adding a different tone. It also reminds me of The Barberettes doowop. It would be great to get a collaboration between both groups.

It’s impressive that The Greatballs are so disciplined in sticking with the genre. It would be easier to mix in more recent genres or create a combination sound, but sticking to the limits of the genre have created a signature very quickly. I can imagine the audience dancing along to “Rockstep” at any live show. There’s something enticing listening to the EP. The band has captured everything and have brought it back for younger audiences to get into.

With all the genres that I listen to, it’s most impressive listening to bands that go back in time and show their love and appreciation of the history of music. The Greatballs are one of these bands. I think The Great Rock’n’Roll of The Greatballs could be a bridge for international listeners because it shows the skills of a more recognizable genre. Where The Greatballs go from here is unknown, but I’m excited.

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