What in the world can I say about Nell? Even though they are known for they gloomy and psychedelic music, I am always so amazed at what they produce. Back in August, they released their 7th major studio album C. It has felt like we haven’t received much from them, besides a digital single here and there, and a couple OSTs for a few dramas. It is really exciting to hear that they released this album, with eleven incredible tracks. Furthermore, this is also their first comeback since leaving Woolim and setting up their own agency, Space Bohemian.

nell c

The song that really captured my attention from C is “Full Moon.” The tune itself is catchy but what really mesmerized me were the lyrics. They were fairly repetitive but I felt inspired to actually achieve my dreams and do what I want in life. I like the lyrics “let the silver flame light you up with grace.” I don’t fully understand what this means but these were the words to catch my attention first. What I can gather from these lyrics is that you should take the positive things in your life and let them help you become happy, and move forward to reach your goals.

The title track of the album is “Dream Catcher.” This is a bit different from the sound that Nell usually does, as they took a more electronic route. With powerful lyrics, this song will surely touch the hearts of many Nell fans. The band tells us to hold on to what we believe in even if your life may not be at its best.

The other title track of the album is called “희망고문 (Vain Hope).” I love this album because the song titles hold such strong, as well as different, meanings. For instance, this song, compared to “Dream Catcher”, is about feeling helpless and hopeless, not knowing what to do.

Another song I really liked is “Home.” It is so beautiful, I almost cried listening to the song. I love how the instrumentals work so well with the lyrics. Everything meshes so well together in this song, Jong-Wan sings at the perfect time, while Jae-Kyung, Jung-Hoon, and Jae-Won, have their time to shine during instrumental sessions which pull you in and keep you listening. This is a perfect song.

I only highlighted my favourite songs of the album but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any other fantastic tracks to listen to. All of them are so great, so please take a listen if you haven’t already. I love that Nell still sounds the same even though they did a little experimenting with their sound to try something different. They are consistently growing and becoming better. I am proud to be a fan.

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