I’ve been listening to Guten BirdsThings what may happen on your planet for a little over a week. Mainly it’s been listened to from start to finish at least once a day. Considering the previous releases I heard from the band were Reticent X in 2014 and 팔랑귀 from 2012, Things what may happen on your planet is something drastically different. Guten Birds were always an amazing rock band. Mohho, Mui, and Seo Hyeon have created an album that crosses genres. Their previous music hinted at a possible direction, but this full length is a full introduction of what could be a second stage.


Rock songs have given an open door to slightly more instrumental rock. “어디선가 어딘가에서” starts the album as a full instrumental track that lets the guitar create a path supported by the bass and drums. There aren’t any lyrics short of a call out during the bridge and as the introduction to Things what may happen on your planet, it foreshadows what’s to come. “가나다 별곡” reminds me of past releases, but the drum rhythms are more complex and the vocals by Mohho don’t necessarily follow the same groove. Even though there’s not improvisation on the song, it feels and sounds like there is an open feeling in the direction. “울렁이는 밤,” to me, is a straight post rock song. There aren’t any lyrics and the voice of the guitar is what guides you through the song. It’s among my favorite songs.

Guten Birds go back and forth between songs with or without vocals. The great aspect of the album is that regardless of vocals or not, you know this is Guten Birds. Their style and sound is unique. The eight minute and 31 second “Sailing Out” is Guten Birds’ hypnotic almost-psychedelic track. Just listen and get sucked in. What makes this album so excellent is that songs don’t necessarily follow standard arrangements. Following the beat isn’t difficult, but the rhythms don’t feel the necessity to restrain themselves. After their previous releases and now hearing this album, Guten Birds have definitely put themselves on a much higher level. Before I heard the album, I saw a video of “Rolling In The Air,” which got me excited for the album. This is my favorite song. It’s kind of a transition song between older Guten Birds and this reintroduction.

It’s amazing to see the growth of Guten Birds. I liked their other releases, but with the smaller amount of songs, I always wanted more. Things what may happen on your planet is in my top albums of 2016. It’s pretty much perfect. From start to finish, it simply feels and sounds great.

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