I first met Riot Kidz back in 2012. They were a young punk band who were working on their music and live stages. Now five years later, they released their first full length album through Old Records. It’s been a long journey for the band and one that I’m glad has culminated with this new album. I asked guitarist and vocal G to introduce the band again since many people probably haven’t heard of them. If you’re looking for good pop punk, My Last Holiday is a great place to get started.


Can you introduce Riot Kidz?

Hi, we are RIOT KIDZ,
Vocal/Guitar: S.I.D
Guitar/Vocal: G
Drums: Taehee
Bass: Huijoo

The band started in 2011, but didn’t really start releasing music until 2015 other than a single in 2012. Was there a reason for a limited number of releases?

Actually, we’ve released a couple of singles which are The Things We Miss in 2014 and A Heart in 2015. But as you’ve mentioned, we did not release any songs before 2014. The reason why we did not release singles was because actually we had 2 plans, the first one was to release singles frequently and the second one was to make a full length album. we needed to go thru the recording process for either way so during that period we were talking about going to the recording studio until I (G) saw a documentary film called “Sound City” by Foo Fighters.

After watching the film, I wanted to build up my own recording system just for my band. The documentary gave me an idea of recording process I wanted to try, like recording a full band at once. I was really inspired by that film so that I had to do research for something like mix and master method for a home studio and needed to get the equipments ready such as multi channel audio interfaces and mi pre-amps. Luckily, I could finish up the building and even though the equipment is cheap affordable ones, now I’ve got my own recording system for my band.
After the build up process, we started recording and this is how “A Heart” and “The Things We Miss” got out. Even though those were not perfect ones but I think it was worth it because I could learn so many things about making an album. Also we’ve got Huijoo, a new bass player in August 2014 so we needed some time for practice.

My Last Holiday is the band’s first full length. It also features songs that Riot Kidz fans will be familiar with. Was there a reason to re-record these songs?

When I started home recording, I always had certain images of sound for my songs. So I recorded the same songs over and over again but maybe because my ability is not good enough, even though the image of sound I was improving little by little but still was not good enough for I wanted in my head. The ones we have released previously were almost like demos. I personally believe the sound quality does not make a song but it helps to express better on the songs. The songs we’ve released before were like the footprint of RIOT KIDZ so obviously they were supposed to be in this first album and we wanted to re-record songs to make the complete versions. And it happened.

How long did the album take to write and record?

It varies by each song, like I wrote “Almost There” about in 2006 and “As Soon As We Get Here” in 2015. The recording itself didn’t take that much time. Maybe because we did “One take recording” as a practice at our own studio and it was helpful for saving time. Anyways, the recording was done in about one and a half month and we have prepared the other stuff for album such as covers and profile photos like that until August.

As a punk band, how does Riot Kidz see the growth of the genre in South Korea? Are there a lot of punk bands now?

Honestly, I don’t know. I think at this point, we cannot see it yet because we’ve just started. And for the second question, yes I heard there are still many punk bands out there in this scene.


Even though My Last Holiday is your first full length, the band has been playing live for a while. How do you see the independent scene in 2016 compared to when the band started?

I guess it is getting bigger and there are many good musicians and bands out there, but still undiscovered. I guess that is the reason why there are more band competitions compare to back then. I don’t think I can see how the independent is different from before but aren’t people crazy for HIP-HOP nowadays?

Are there any bands that Riot Kidz suggests people listen to?

What’s each member’s favorite song from the album?

Taehee: “A WEEK”
Huijoo: “MOTHER”

Is there a message Riot Kidz want fans to get from the album?

Yeah as we always claim, “The memories and past seem like we can grab”

With the release of the album, what’s the next plan for Riot Kidz?

First of all, we have our 1st showcase on October 14th, and we have many different plans, it is secret, but you will see.

Anything to say to readers?

Thank you for taking your time on reading this article and listening to our album. Hope you enjoy it and we’d like to see you guys at the gig.

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