Raw By Peppers jumps in and out of a suggested playlist on a monthly basis. Their EP, Spaceship Out of Bones, released in April and I took a couple quick listens in the beginning. Now I’ve spent some time with the EP and enjoy every single song. Five songs is usually enough to get a feel for a band and with Spaceship Out of Bones, the result is wanting even more music.


I’m not sure if “Spaceship Out of Bones” serves as an introduction to the band because a good portion of it is instrumental. Its six minute length does allow for a lot of good experimentation and Raw By Peppers takes advantage of that. The vocals come in about half way and jump in on select verses. The chorus is a repeat of “Come on” and “Go on” I think, but solidifies the band’s mix of rock and alternative. It’s funny because a music portal classify Raw By Peppers as rock and metal.

“Cut Me Half” kind of reminds me of a mix of Eastern Sidekick with a post rock influence. Sung in English, “Cut Me Half” also has an immediate connection with your ears. Vocals are clear and more direct than on “Spaceship Out of Bones.” The song is crafted perfectly. The verses are kind of bare and full of sound during the chorus. The discord between the two sections makes the song really interesting. On “Astral Me, Baby,” Raw By Peppers play a pseudo-funk groove highlighted by a effect heavy guitar. Vocals play an important role in guiding the song. They almost don’t follow the rhythm and kind of float across verses.

Ending the EP with “3,” Raw By Peppers take a similar approach to the opening with the same titled song. It’s a seven and a half minute song that goes into the world of post rock. It sounds like improvisation through a good portion, sounding like it’s almost losing control. If released as a single, “3” might one of the most powerful songs of 2016. After spending time with Raw By Peppers, it’s clear they are combining influences to discover unique voices. They’ve definitely made an impact on their first EP and it will be interesting to see how they progress from here.

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