While I don’t remember where exactly I discovered Isahi, I do know I listened to them on Bandcamp. Isahi is a one man project band and that’s pretty crazy considering the type of music. Defined as “rock cinematic neoclassical post-rock” on Bandcamp, Thanatos is a dense and rhythm filled album. Even though the album is only eight songs, you’re looking at over 50 minutes of music.


Since Isahi is the sole member, it’s impressive to hear these songs in their forms. Composing and arranging each song must have been a challenge to fit each instrument in its appropriate place. Along with post rock, I would add shoegaze. Thanatos is a mainly instrumental album that pushes a lot of melodies through the use of various instruments. Songs like “Bleach Black” have multiple layers that need to be discovered. I think among genres, post rock and shoegaze are among the hardest to create songs for. There appears to be a difficulty in keeping a song interesting for an extended amount of time.

Along with standard instruments, Isahi adds many piano melodies. This gives songs multiple voices, even though most songs love the darker and aggressive tones. “Plastic Love” is a good example of slowly building a crescendo. I wonder if Isahi prefers to use live or drum samples because on some songs it’s possible to hear both at the same time. As many people like more melodic music, Isahi might be too different. But the shoegaze and post rock genre overlap a good amount and these bands always create amazing music.

Isahi’s 2015 release is excellent and there is another album for 2016, Separate But Coexisting that is also great. Like punk, post rock is a difficult genre to find bands in. So whenever there’s a chance, take a listen and see if it’s another genre you can support.

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