Rock band 18gram’s new EP has arrived. Like the title “Maze,” the five songs on the album describe confusion and the sadness of youth which are real, but feel so mundane. I never got bored listening to it because there is a lot of song variety: fast tempos, slower melodic rhythms, mixed tempos, complex melodies with variations, and simple backing only with some guitar riffs.


Introducing their new EP, the band emphasizes brilliant playing and vivid melodies. However, what impressed me the most was the harmonious balance between the music and the lyrics. Lyrics are not always a full verse, but sometimes a word, a phrase, and or an incomplete sentence. They realistically depict the mood of the song because the music fills up the empty spaces in the lyrics so I could fully get immersed in the emotional flow. Neither stands out to ruin the composition.

Among the five tracks, I repeatedly listened to “good night sleep tight.” The performance is majestic and the dramatic guitar variation goes accordingly with the highs and lows of the lyrics describing sleepless, pale nights full of worries. Another one I enjoyed was “Another me.” The arrangement isn’t complicated so the vocalist’s dreamy voice and the melody stand out more to deliver the lost feeling mood of the song.

I enjoyed this EP a lot and all the songs. However, more importantly, this EP clearly shows the color of 18gram’s music. They seem to be building up their unique style of singing about unstable youth which is ironically beautiful because of the imperfection.

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