I found out about UZA through some YouTube videos and Instagram. She seemed to jump genres on every video I saw. Looking up her releases, she put out Stuck back in 2015. The single feels like one part of her music repertoire. The lead single “Stuck” is more of a downbeat and chillwave electronic song and that flows into the second song.


The backing instrumentals on “Stuck” are minimal with mainly the melody played through keyboards with a drum beat track in the background. There is also guitar riffs that come and go and UZA adds multiple choral lines behind her main vocals. There’s a small mix of English among the main Korean vocals. Her voice doesn’t strain and sits comfortably in the same octave. Naturally, it’s a bit higher than the melody and serves as the main attraction for the song. When I think of similar artists, I can’t actually think of any that are close to her on the song.

“Ciao” moves away from chillwave and is more natural. Featuring a mainly piano and UZA’s voice, the track is able to draw you in by not adding a lot of additional instruments. There is a string accompaniment and small percussion with cymbal crescendos, but this isn’t used to overpower the core of the song. If anything, “Ciao” is another song that focuses more on UZA’s vocals. I feel like she’s able to go higher if she wants, but feels more comfortable sitting in a single high octave. With some of her live videos, she’s performing more rock so Stuck being the introduction to her music, people might think she’s only set in this one genre.

Stuck does a good job to introduce UZA. With two songs and an instrumental for “Stuck,” there’s not too much to know all the sides to UZA and her voice. It’s a good start and with more recent videos showing more variety, it feels like she released Stuck because it was what she was interested in at the time. Looking forward, I’d be interested in a longer EP to know where she is now.

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