I actually saw a lot of Chohyun on YouTube, but never knew much beyond the lives I watched. When I found Lost in a Dream, I was curious on how the live performances were translated from the recorded songs. Her EP, Lost in a Dream, is pretty incredible. I was surprised at the style of the band and power of her voice. Chohyun also reminded me a lot of YAYA, who I like a lot as well.


The start of Lost in a Dream is with the same titled song. The band describes themselves as rock, but it’s more complex than that. They do have the rock foundation, but they’re also a little bit of a crossover band. “Lost in a Dream” is simply an intro setting the tone. “Guilty” is where everything starts. Chohyun plays keyboards along with vocals and these are the core of every song. I do find it strange that on “Guilty,” Chohyun puts her voice through a processor to give it a static tone. It sounds like she’s singing through a landline telephone. This doesn’t conceal the power or melodies, but I wonder what the decision to do this was. “Guilty” also brings in some jazz and opera into the rock especially during an extended bridge. I can’t discount the guitar (정태식), bass (신봉근), and drums (후자) because they capture the power of Chohyun’s vocals and direct it into your ears.

“Waltz#1” is exactly as the name says. The piano melodies cater to Chohyun’s voice, which is clean and without filters, though the tone is kind of gothic. “Waltz#1” is the single and it serves its purpose perfectly. It highlights Chohyun’s vocals, the talent of the band, and the excellent composition of the song. The song also serves to surprise listeners when the bridge comes. The song goes into a frenzy, raising the volume, and creating a nightmare circus tone. Chohyun puts her voice behind filters again on “You Know What?” I know that it adds some atmosphere to the song, but I feel like it distracts from the melody because you have to separate the filter from the vocals. Lost in a Dream’s final song, “돌이킬 수 없는,” is the most YAYA song. It’s not set up like a regular rock song, bridging jazz and some blues elements into the instrumentals. I feel like the overall tone of Chohyun’s music is to be dark and she does it well.

Lost in a Dream isn’t something expected. YAYA was an outlier with her crossover music. Chohyun is making this style very compelling. Through her voice and the songs, crossover music pulls elements that are useful to create something familiar but different. The entire band succeeds on the EP. I’m only curious what happens when all caution is forgotten during a live performance.

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