Bye Bye Badman’s EP Because I Want To paints a picture of a young man in my mind. He is not an extraordinary person. He is plain, neither handsome nor rich and smart. However, he does his best for doing what he wants to do. Through the six songs in the album, he declares his love and life.


All the songs have quite similar tones and style. The arrangements are not complicated, and the overall mood is vintage and humble. With the main guitar layer, the instrumentals feels acoustic although the album is using effect sounds and electronic instruments. Like the instrumentals, the vocals don’t feature an amazing singing voice. It is ingenuous and like an every-day person’s singing.

This mood brought the common young man image I have imagined. In the songs, he tells his life and love. His love story doesn’t sound easy, and his life doesn’t seem to be full of sweet dreams for his future. However, through the bright mood of the tracks and lyrics, he consistently shows his positive, challenging attitude for them. Interestingly, the track “Monster” has a different mood – a mysterious and dark tone even though it is only in the introduction. It slightly describes his hidden, murky secret face, but the mood soon turns back to the mainstream of an untainted young man’s storytelling voice.

Listening to this EP made me smile thinking of my younger days when I was quite like the man, full of positive hopeful spirit. This EP Because I Want To presents heart-warming memories to me now living a life which is not always happy as I hoped and imagined at that time.

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