Listening to Coin Classic‘s Sugarfree Girl single, the four songs are pop punk. The single favors the melody a lot and even with guitar distortion, sounds very radio friendly. Coin Classic released EPs in 2009 and 2011, but Sugarfree Girl is the latest release. Hearing the songs, it feels difficult to classify them as punk. There’s a mixture of acoustic and electric guitar which reminds me a bit of we hate jh. The core sound is normally pop punk, but the acoustic guitar has a tendency to distract.


With “Sugarfree Girl” as the lead, I think this casts a shadow over the rest of the songs. “Sugarfree Girl” reminds me a lot of an OST track. It fits as a cast introduction or summary to a drama or the song that follows a time lapse segment. “Energy Burster” is more of the pop punk I expected. The track reminds me a lot of US bands like New Found Glory in their early years. There is definitely a ton of energy in the song, but the use of the rocket sample is kind of overboard. I do think that the song could be stronger if the acoustic guitar didn’t sit on top of the melody so much.

“ABBD” goes in another direction adding a pop punk ska melody. It could sound unnatural by itself, but fits the theme of the single pretty well. Regardless of the arrangements, Coin Classic have created a four song single that gels together well. I’m curious where the band gets its influences. “ABBD” has a strange spoken word bridge that sounds out of place. Maybe I don’t understand what Coin Classic is trying to do and they’re just having fun. I don’t even know what to say about “인해전술맨앞줄” because its a “Dance version.” It does remind me of a much pop Glen Check.

Considering the four songs, I wonder if Coin Classic is using the single as a calling card to display their ability to create songs. Sugarfree Girl is a radio friendly release and is on the border of Korean pop. It’s possible that I’ve heard a band that is too young for me to truly understand. Coin Classic are pop punk, but with many other influences that come out at lot.

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