It’s crazy to think that Counter Reset‘s self titled album is their fourth full length. When I heard about them, I thought they were a newer punk band. But looking at their discography, they’ve been around since 2003. The best thing about Counter Reset is the ageless tone that comes across from the release. It’s classic punk rock. The tempos are fast, rhythms never feel the need to slow down, and the vocals fit each verse perfectly.


“Tomorrow” sounds fresh, but also sounds like it could have been released in the early 2000s. Counter Reset are seasoned, talented, and know how to make each song engaging and addictive. “Everything Is You” features the style’s somewhat signature backing call out chorus. The song moves from the verse to the chorus quickly, but even though the vocals are sung slower than the instrumentals, it never feels lagging. The eleven tracks are a hefty album even though the total play time is 34 minutes.

Counter Reset don’t feel the need to give the listener any time to catch their breath and quickly move forward. Like many punk bands in South Korea, songs are in English. There’s an international flavor with English lyrics. The band’s not copying the punk genre or even translating it for South Korea, they’re just presenting the same elements. If anything I hear both American and Japanese punk rock elements in the music. With American punk, the songs are pretty direct and the Japanese punk influence is through the intricate rhythms that flow from each instrument. It’s tight and each instrument plays an important part for the melody.

There isn’t anything to dislike for punk rock fans. Melodic and pop punk fans will likely enjoy Counter Reset even more. The energy is great and it’s easy to listen to the whole album in one sitting. The strength of Counter Reset is that they know exactly what each song needs and adds no fat. Most people will find Counter Reset from this album and it’s a perfect place to begin.

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